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There was a time when people said that students can have a career in only academics after being a doctor, engineer or cracking a government sector exam and hitting it into the office. However, nowadays people have changed their thinking and now they are indulging their kids into games and physical growth and development owing to the importance of staying fit and healthy. With this you can see many students carrying their cricket kit and going to the academy to practice cricket.
Cricket is one of the most loved games in the country and with the extravagant careers the players of the game have in the international stadiums, more and more people are getting attracted to the game. It is not only for the game but figuring out with best cricketacademy in Noida is also a task since there are so many cricket academies claiming to revolutionize the career of your ward and making you indulge in the best training for a good future.

When the stakes are high for the game, all you need to do is go with the features of all the cricket academies and then find which one of the suits the needs of your child. It has a very affordable range of cricketacademy fees for all its students.

Cricplex Cricket academy is one of the bestcricket grounds in Delhi/NCR owing to their international affiliations and the top services that they provide that will not only result in the overall development of your ward relating to the game but also make you indulge in a good physical and mental growth and development that will make you love the format the academy follows.
Cricplex cricket academies is the best ground of preparing to fight the game in the international stadiums and working towards the enhancement of the skills for the game. The academy not only preaches cricket but it also makes you learn how to indulge in a better and healthy practice for the game. Cricplex Cricket Academy offers you features that make it the best academy for you.

  • International standard ground: The Cricplex Cricket Academy is packed with international standards features that make it competent to teach your child, the game in a global manner. Not only this, but the ground has all the measurements as stated by the International Cricket Council right from the center turf wickets to the astro turf wickets. So, when you let your ward play cricket in the academy, you don’t have to worry about the ground and its standards.

  • It will maintain the diet of your child with their dieticians: for Cricplex Cricket Academy, the coaching is not only about teaching them how to play the game but also let them indulge in an overall fitness scheme right from the start. This will let the child, to explore the critical thinking skills right from the learning stage and is going to make them follow the preparation for a good cricketing career. The academy has hired dieticians that will make sure that you follow a good and healthy regime for your proper development and learning of the game.

  • Crossfit training for better muscle growth: if children are taught skills in their learning stage then they remember than for the rest of their lifetime. This is exactly what Cricplex Cricket Academy is all about. It indulges students into vigorous training expedition right from the start. This also includes teaching them crossfit so that they can have the proper muscle growth as well. The crossfit training will let the children indulge in proper care and good muscle movement that will also help them in playing the game in the best manner. This is exactly what your child needs, not just the knowledge of the game but also the proper training to develop them into athletes for tomorrow.

  • A healthy canteen for all our students: Cricplex Cricket Academy is not just said to be a great academy for all the students who want to develop their career into the stadiums of the country, but it will make all the students indulge in a good teaching and coaching schedule as well. This is what makes them the best and most trusted academies in Noida. The canteen is going to serve all the healthy meals to all our students so that they can start their practice of eating nutritious meals only. This will help in their overall development as well.

  • Free pick and drop service for all the students: this is also one of the positive aspects of the Cricplex Cricket Academy, serving the needs of all the students and letting the parents also take a sigh of relief. Cricplex Cricket Academy is one of the only academies that indulge their students into free pick and drop service because they care about the safety of all their students.