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Cricplex Premier League

The thrilling and adventurous game of cricket lures a lot of people into its breathtaking action and its amazing game form. Playing cricket in the stadiums has the same meaning as playing in the gully.
CPPL or the Cricplex Premier League is a competition that offers its platform for showcasing the best of cricketing talents. It is an entertaining league that targets the domestic champions in a fierce battle at an ultimate level. Launched to let them indulge in the best of games, Cricplex Premier League is an excellent platform to let your team play the best of cricket and win the championship.

About CPPL

The following are the features of the Cricplex Premier League (CPPL):
  • CPPL or the Cricplex Premier League is a battle between the best teams, all fighting to win the ultimate title of CPCL winner. The league will feature a total of 16 teams, number of 4 pools, 4 teams per pool.
  • Various awards and recognitions including the best team, best batsman and best bowler.
  • The Man of the Tournament will get a cricket kit.
  • The best Batsman of the Tournament will get english willow bat.
  • The best Bowler of the Tournament will get a spikes shoes.
  • The Man of the Match for every match will get a Trophy.
  • The stylish player of the Match will get a trophy in every match.
  • If you have that charm and skills to lead your team to the wining stands then, CPPL or the Cricplex Premier League is planned for you. Play with your best skills or lose the game.

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