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Yoga Classes

Cricplex Yoga Classes

Yoga is not only a medicine for your body, but it is equally important for your mind and soul too. Yoga lets you calm your mind, body and soul making you indulge in a refresher and rejuvenated version of yourself. Yoga is the essence to a healthy lifestyle. Yoga has great impact on your mind as well, letting out the positive hormones that will rest your mind into a fresher type of energy throughout the day. Practicing yoga will let you enjoy a little more of your life owing to the amazing natural state it indulges you in. Not only you increase the flexibility, but you let a whole new level of energy spirit into you.
We at Cricplex Cricket Academy understand the importance of yoga in the day-to-day lives of young children and how important it is for a healthy mind, body and soul. This is why we indulge in a good yoga session with all our children so as to make them not only great cricketers but overall athletes as well. We believe to enhance your overall work posture in a better manner since that will reduce the probability of any strain or muscle rupture and provide you with a better version of energy. That is why we indulge all our students in practicing the art of Yoga and earn their transformation in the body, mind and spirit

We believe in casting out the best version of all our students so that they can play the game in a more enriching and energetic manner.

The following are the added-on features of the yoga classes conducted by the Cricplex Cricket Academy:

  • The yoga classes are conducted twice a week.
  • It is a part of the all-round development classes followed in the academy.
  • It will indulge your students into a better game practice.